Project Logistics and Express

From loads to light.

We have nine special low-loaders available for land transport, which can be extended to 20 meters and can transport maximum loads of up to 90 tons.

We are professionals for exceptional loads between Europe/Turkey and the Middle East. Whether it is heavy or oversized. In the field of international project logistics, our company offers tailor-made solutions when it comes to high-capacity, heavy cargo, or the transport of complete industrial plants.


Fast. No limits. For time-critical import and export deliveries of partial, complete, ADR and reefer loads without weight restrictions.

The delivery time to customs is 48 hours for Germany and Italy, 24 hours for Bulgaria, 30 hours for Romania and 40 hours for Austria.


Ultra-fast export and import goods up to 1200 kilograms are delivered anywhere in Europe within 24 to 84 hours.

This service is also offered for ADR and reefer shipments.‎

With all our experience and the correct sensitivity, we can always find the optimal solution for every project. Our international network also works to your advantage. As well as cost planning, we can organise the necessary permits and take care of customs clearance. Transit time to the destination is only marginally longer than with conventional transport. Our special transports are an ideal alternative, particularly in the event of sea transport disruptions.

Whether transport by sea, air or overland, or a combination of all these modes of transport – we always ensure smooth transport and on-time delivery.

Extraordinary loads? It’s what we do!

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