Land Transport

Flexibility and Consistency

Direct overland freight transport by truck is logistically simple, flexible to plan and with our range of equipment we can easily take into account any specific characteristics of your load. That’s a major advantage when it comes to service. We also take into account your need for speed, cost efficiency and secure processing.

Use our Overland solutions for your procurement and distribution logistics. We offer total support in the planning and delivery of your partial, complete, express and ADR freight, to its final destination in domestic shipping with our own vehicles. Thus we are forwarding agent and in self entrance evenly also carrier with emphasis on the import and export transportation with Turkey and Greece.

Trucks are almost unbeatable over the last mile, but for long-distance transport, we rely on multimodal solutions whenever economically possible. We can tell you more about our intermodal solutions, including the possibility of using trucks in the context of combined transport.

Back to Direct Overland. We have our own, highly efficient fleet of around 169 tractor units available for this purpose. With specialised partners and an efficient charter team, COBANTUR BOLTAS also handles temperature-controlled, and dangerous goods loads by road. Depending on each customer’s requirements, a combination of temperature-controlled and hazardous goods can be transported.


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