Ukraine: Helping together

In the humanitarian crisis, we also want to show humanity and solidarity. Cobantur Boltas has joined forces with other companies to collect donations for Ukraine and transport them to the Polish-Ukrainian border region.
In consultation with experienced aid organisations, the donations included a special request for durable food, medical and hygiene items as well as electronic devices such as batteries, power banks and torches. The result exceeded all expectations, a whole container of urgently needed donations in kind came together, a sum from many small donations but also donations in commercial sizes.

Supporters were also found for the safe transport. The necessary pallets, stretch films and adhesive tapes were donated by local companies, for example 200 moving boxes or a spontaneously donated truck fuel.

Our truck started on Thursday for Przemysl on the border between Poland and Ukraine. From there, the relief supplies were transported to the needy people in Ukraine through private initiatives and secured supply channels.
The encouragement and support of the people in Allersberg and the surrounding area was overwhelming. In addition to the donors, the companies and the helpers, we would especially like to thank our driver who carries out these transports.

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