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  • Cobantur Boltas mit digitaler Präsenz auf der LogiChem2020
    COBANTUR BOLTAS LogiChem 2020

    Der türkisch-deutsche Logistikverbund präsentiert seine intermodalen Industry Solutions auf Europas führender Chemielogistik-Veranstaltung.

    Vom 8.- bis 11. September treffen sich Logistikleiter der weltweit führenden Chemieunternehmen und Supply Chain Experten erstmalig rein virtuell, um in  interaktiven Sessions über die zukünftige Gestaltung der Chemical Supply Chain zu sprechen. Im Angesicht der aktuellen Situation stehen Konzepte für das Contingency Planning im Fokus. Cobantur Boltas wird seine Lösungen für belastbare Lieferketten vorstellen. „In der Krise haben sich unsere intermodalen Bahntransporte im grenzüberschreitenden Verkehr als deutlich widerstandsfähiger im Vergleich zum reinen Landtransport erwiesen“, sagt Iskender Cobanoglu, Mitglied im Board of Directors bei Cobantur Boltas und fügt hinzu, „deshalb bauen wir unser Angebot regionaler multimodaler Supply Chains weiter aus.“ 

    Auf dem insgesamt viertägigen Event werden sich mehr als 300 Chemical Supply Chain Leaders virtuell treffen und in rund 40 Sessions wertvolle Insights austauschen. Aktuelle Informationen zum Event und die Möglichkeit zur Anmeldung unter

  • Greece Traffic – back to normal.

    The economy in Greece has started up again on Monday, May 4th, taking into account distance and hygiene requirements. Together with our cooperation partner Omonia Trans, we are increasing our weekly groupage departures. Further our intermodal routes to Greece offer a reliable alternative to regular overland transports.

    Transports to and from Turkey – lifted quarantine measures
    Since last week, the Turkish government has partially lifted the quarantine measures for drivers returning from the EU.
    As a result, we are already feeling further improvement in the availability of truck capacities. Together with our intermodal units, we can therefore offer the entire range of our transport-route mix.

    Turkey – special customs tariffs on various goods
    To protect its economy, Turkey temporarily imposes special tariffs on various goods. The special duties apply from April 20, 2020 to September 30, 2020. Goods originating in the EU are not fully affected.

  • Transports to Iran – New Opportunities.

    The European-Iranian traffic has come to a complete standstill due to the closure of the Turkish-Iranian border crossing at Gürbulak / Bazargan with no short term solutions in sight. In order to be able to continue offering transports to Iran, we have added the intermodal transport of 20 ‚and 40‘ containers by road and rail to Tabriz and Tehran to our service. Please contact us for further details.

    Transports to and from Turkey – Restrictions on capacities.
    Due to the fasting month of Ramadan, the departure frequencies on the ferry and train connections to and from Turkey will be reduced in the next few weeks. This can occasionally lead to delays in the transport process. We react flexibly and, if necessary, switch to other options in our processing mix. Should your shipments be affected by delays, we will inform customers directly. Please contact us for further details.

    We wish all Muslim people a blessed and healthy Ramadan!

  • Wir trauern.
  • By truck – severe restrictions.

    The situation on the land route has deteriorated further due to the quarantine measures. We use the small remaining capacities primarily for temperature-controlled transports as well as urgent transports of food & pharmaceutical / medical products.

    Turkey Intermodal – Stable traffic / expanded capacities

    Our intermodal transports by train + ferry from and to Turkey are still running stable.

    We added 80 more 45 ‘Palletwide Highcube Containers to our intermodal fleet and are adding further connections. For short-term support and inquiries for your transports, we are available at any time by phone or email.

    Railway terminals – contactless documentation

    In order to facilitate the handling at the railway terminals and to protect everyone involved, on March 27th. contactless deliveries of the loading units was introduced. Our customer management will assist with necessary actions to ensure this new process.

    Once again we would like to thank everyone involved, and above all the drivers, for their tireless efforts in this challenging time!

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