From Here to There.

COBANTUR BOLTAS is a Turkish-German family owned company which literally builds bridges between Asia and Europe, the Orient and the Occident. The company is represented on two continents in five countries at a total of 10 locations. In addition to the company headquarters in Germany and Turkey, this also includes branches in Italy, France and Romania. Totally cosmopolitan, COBANTUR BOLTAS unites the most diverse (corporate) cultures. And yet we are always at home exactly where our customers need our support. Thanks to our high functioning communications and the knowledge transfer between our individual branches, our customers receive the same quality logistics performance everywhere, regardless of location.

We are at home everywhere. That’s where we grow. That’s where we’ll stay.

We are present in every operationally relevant logistics hub

COBANTUR BOLTAS offers you a reliable yet flexible network of transport and value-added services in Europe, the Middle East and Turkey, with supply chain concepts that will enhance your success in the long term.

We would be happy to inform you about our special industry solutions.


ÇOBANTUR – Türkei. İstanbul.
Büyükbakkalköy Mah.
Ferhatpaşa Yolu Cad. No: 54
TR – 34858 Maltepe / İstanbul


BOLTAS – Deutschland. Allersberg.
Boltas Gmbh Forwarding and Trading
Industriestrasse 11
DE – 90584 Allersberg / Nuremberg

Regional Offices

BOLTAS Willich – Germany
Boltas Gmbh Forwarding and Trading
Siemensring 41
DE – 47877  Willich

ÇOBANTUR Dilovası – Turkey
Dilovası Osb 5. Kısım
D 5007 Sk. No. 6 / 9
TR – 41455 Dilovası / Kocaeli


ÇOBANTUR Adana – Turkey
Emek Mah. Barış Bulvarı
No: 17/2
TR – 1080 Seyhan / Adana


ÇOBANTUR İzmir – Turkey
Kemalpaşa Org. San. Bölgesi Mah.
İzmir Ankara Asfaltı No. 69
TR – 35730 Kemalpaşa / İzmir


ÇOBANTUR Ankara – Turkey
Ankara Lojistik Üssü Yönetim Merkezi
D Blok No.145/ 61-62 Fethiye Mh.
Tr – 06980 Kahramankazan / Ankara




BOLTAS Trieste – Italy
BOLTAS GmbH Italia
Via Ottoviano Augusto 9
IT – 34123 Trieste / Italy


BOLTAS Fransa – France
3 Rue Georges Charpak
FR – 28300 Mainvilliers / France


COBANTUR Balkans Bükreş – Romania
Bdul Timisoara NR 92 cladirea C12
Et1 birourile 5 si 6 Sector 6
RO – 061334 Bucuresti / Romania


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