The past and the changes

From a small freight broker, COBANTUR BOLTAS has developed into a well-connected, international logistics network. This is the story of our journey:

With the founding of Boltas GmbH by Naci Cobanoglu in 1978, the cornerstone of the German-Turkish logistics network COBANTUR BOLTAS was laid. From what started initially as a small freight broker, the company quickly grew into a bigger player in the transport sector. Above all this was due to having a strong presence in the project cargo business between Europe and Iraq (Middle East).

In 1980, Boltas GmbH was one of the first hauliers of Turkish origin to take over general cargo and part load transports between Europe and Turkey (Middle East). And is one of THE original pioneers in this area.

Encouraged by the growing demand for transport services paired with the high demands on their own network, the brothers Necmi, Naci and Cemil Cobanoglu founded another logistics company in 1982: Coban Tur in Istanbul.

With the founding of the Turkish part of the COBANTUR BOLTAS logistics group, the framework for a successful future had been created. The company was growing. The company’s own fleet is constantly being increased, and a leading position in the European-Turkish transport market is being further developed and consolidated.

The company meets the increasingly individualised customer requirements with growing competitiveness in the logistics sector, due to its highly efficient operational integration of the companies. In 2002 Coban Tur and Boltas become the COBANTUR BOLTAS Group.

A second generation of the Cobanoglu family takes over the operational business in 2012. Iskender Cobanoglu, the son of the founder Naci, joins the management of Boltas GmbH. Gizem, the daughter of Nemci and the daughters of Cemil, Bihter and Ipeknaz, take over the management of Cobantur.

The next generation at Cobantur Boltas even increases the “twice as good” approach. Eight committed members, from three families, spread across two countries and growing up in different cultures – yet with is a single, common goal: to continue the legacy of their parents with respect, commitment and their combined energy.

We take time. For constant change.

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