The past and the changes

The basis of Çobantur and Boltas was actually laid before these companies in 1977 with the company established in the vicinity of Bolu – Düzce with eight shareholders. At that time, Naci Çobanoğlu, who was continuing his university study in Germany, was providing return loads to Turkey for the vehicles of this transportation company, of which his brother Necmi Çobanoğlu was one of the shareholders.

With increased demand, they considered it appropriate to purchase a company operating in the same field in Germany and continue to provide the service in this way. Changing the name of the purchased company by combining the syllable of the company in Turkey at that time and the syllable of the purchased company, and ultimately BOLTAS came to life in 1978.

While continuing in this way, the first company established in Turkey dissolved due to the disputes between the shareholders, and after that, a new Istanbul-based company has been established in 1982 with the partnership of Necmi, Naci and Cemil Çobanoğlu brothers. The name of this company ÇOBAN TUR was created by adding the syllable “Tur” from the previous company to the end of their surname “Çoban”.

Hence, the foundation of COBANTUR BOLTAS, a logistics network of Turkish – German origin, was laid. With the inclusion of Cobantur in 1982 in the process that started with shipping brokerage in Germany, this group has become a major actor in the transportation sector in a short time. This group has primarily had a strong presence due to the project-based loading works between Europe and Iraq (Near East).

In addition, BOLTAS, which is among the first transporter companies of Turkish origin established in Germany, succeeded the firsts in part freight and partial freight transportation between Europe and Turkey (Middle East) with the participation of COBANTUR. Both companies thus took their place among the pioneers in this sector.

The group, with this beginning, turned its course towards growth. The self-owned fleet has been continually improved, it is aimed to work and grow for a leading position in the European – Turkish shipping market.

Today, this group is able to respond to customer demands, which are increasingly becoming individual demands in the logistics sector, and to increasing competition conditions, thanks to the highly efficient operational integrity between these two companies. In 2006, Çoban Tur and Boltas decided to be known as COBANTUR BOLTAS group company and incorporated this change to its logo.

The second generation of Çobanoğlu family started to take over the managerial part of the business in the 2010s. In 2020, the next generations of COBANTUR BOLTAS have strengthened the “Twice as good” approach further. Although there were eight devotees from three families who grew up in two countries in different cultures, they managed to unite under an umbrella of consensus. They decided to carry the legacy left by their parents forward in a modern way, with respect and strong energy.

We take time. For constant change.

Facts and Figures

Our Turkish / German logistics group comprised of two legally independent firms
Cobantur, established 1982 and Boltas, established 1978.
Our main hubs are in Maltepe/Istanbul and Allersberg/Nuremberg.


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