Reference Case I

A technology leader within the chemical industry

Our client.

Our customer is a technology leader in the chemical industry and manufactures for every key global industry. This global company is active in the areas of silicones, polymers, life sciences and poly-silicon.

Our Mission.

The start of our co-operation was in 2012. There was a lack of loading space for the company’s shipments. The previous forwarder could not solve the issue for the customer.

The opportunity for Cobantur Boltas: Using its own fleet, could deliver these existing shipments on time. Since then, Cobantur Boltas has handled shipments with volumes of between 15,000 to 20,000 tons a year (e.g. Cologne to Turkey/Iran/Iraq).

Our teams in Turkey and Germany have developed into the shippers own “Service Units” that work closely with his customers on site and act as a link between sales and operations. That´s what we call “close to the customer”.

Our Challenge.

Our daily challenge lies in the transport of highly sensitive goods such as chemical drums, IBCs, big packs, sack pallets, ADR and temperature sensitive goods (e.g. foodstuffs). Particular sensitivity is required when loading polymer powder. With its specific flow properties, this product can be difficult to handle. Another challenge lies in the disposition and consolidation ex works in Germany. Naturally the objective here is to increase consolidation where possible in order to minimise repetition – and so reduce costs, save time and money. Nationwide delivery in Turkey is the next hurdle. Customs clearance in Turkey operates through a wide variety of customs warehouses, i.e. the goods must generally always be physically on site, as they have to pass through the respective customs warehouse. At Cobantur Boltas we’re happy to manage these challenges on a daily basis.

Joint Success.

Cobantur Boltas has been this chemical company’s exclusive freight forwarder since 2020. What began with relatively simple land transport is now approximately 70% intermodal. Everything works as planned, including both the costs and the timing of the transport. Both companies have grown together. And that’s not the only element that connects us: Cobantur Boltas also works closely this customer on their HACCP concept /TFS (Together for Sustainability) audit (food product area.).

Twice as good. In every aspect.

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