Quality and Control.

In everything we do for our customers and ourselves, our focus is clearly on providing a quality result. Achieving specific standards or exceeding defined expectations, is our goal. Certification plays a particular role in this. They verify, and prove that these standards have been complied with. With a certification, a “Proof of Concept” has been achieved and they are an essential seal of quality for our company. In order to credibly live up to these standards, we have established our quality credentials not only at all our locations but also in every area of our company.

Our quality standards include:

  • Development of quality, environmental, occupational safety and energy management systems according to international standards.
  • Focus on the success factors customers, employees and processes.
  • Training and further education measures for our employees.
  • Permanent further development of our information technology.
  • Regular audits for continuous process improvement.
  • Permanent reviews of the performance of our cooperation partners.
  • Use of quality management tools such as auditing, quality circles, FMEA, etc. for a systematic analysis of weak points and permanent optimisation.

Depending on the requirement profile our locations are certified and meet the following standards:

  • Quality Management according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • AEO
  • SQAS

Qualität liefern. Vertrauen gewinnen. Das macht uns Freude.

Integrated and networked

COBANTUR BOLTAS manages our own logistic operations with LOGENIUS, our own software. Active integration (EDIFACT) with customers and partners processes also ensures efficient networked control of the logistics processes. This is the basis for careful adherence to our own and customer KPIs.

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