Greece Traffic – back to normal.

The economy in Greece has started up again on Monday, May 4th, taking into account distance and hygiene requirements. Together with our cooperation partner Omonia Trans, we are increasing our weekly groupage departures. Further our intermodal routes to Greece offer a reliable alternative to regular overland transports.

Transports to and from Turkey – lifted quarantine measures
Since last week, the Turkish government has partially lifted the quarantine measures for drivers returning from the EU.
As a result, we are already feeling further improvement in the availability of truck capacities. Together with our intermodal units, we can therefore offer the entire range of our transport-route mix.

Turkey – special customs tariffs on various goods
To protect its economy, Turkey temporarily imposes special tariffs on various goods. The special duties apply from April 20, 2020 to September 30, 2020. Goods originating in the EU are not fully affected.

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