Our Turkish-German logistics group provides decision makers and shipping planners with twice advantage. The first of these is budget efficiency. And the second one we will experience here together…

COBANTUR BOLTAS offers solutions to its domestic and global customers at every stage of the supply chain such as the storage and transportation of chemical, automotive and temperature controlled products. Here you can see what else you can expect from us.

A doubly successful combination. Import/export between Turkey and Italy and our logistics location in Trieste. Find out more about the future-proof possibilities here.

One of our corridors being served. Central Asia plus Georgia and Azerbaijan, Click here if you are interested in establishing and expanding your supply chain to and from these emerging countries.

Current issues, interviews. About us and the logistics branch. You can read here.

Include your personal and professional benefits in the Turkish-German logistics network, which is managed by the second generation of the corporate and founding family, with versatile opportunities. Let’s talk about how we can support you and how you can support us. You e-mail will be appreciated.

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